Summer 2019 is finally here!

This is a busy season on the Ranch!  Finally, summer has arrived after a winter that seemed to keep lasting and rearing its head.  February and March kept us busy sorting and shuffling in preparation for the herd to head to higher ground in April.  Our 10 year old boys were eager to miss school this year to help with the cattle drive. Fun was had by all and the cows are happily enjoying greener pastures in their free range environment.

2 kids sitting in chairs on the hipwell ranch property with a truck and trailer in the background
Hipwell ranch display at a farmers market with a table and a farm to table sign

New for 2019 is our attendance at the Farmers Market in Nampa on Saturday mornings and in Caldwell on Tuesday evenings.  We have been filled with great energy and excitement getting to meet YOU in person!  Thank you for letting us raise beef for your family!.  

Check out our recent farmers market videos

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